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A concentrated water soluble painting dye

FAS waters soluble powder dyeFAS Powder Dye is a highly versatile product that may be used as drawing ink, a colour wash, and a non-permanent fabric dye or mixed with cellulose paint to make a medium.  

Formulated specifically for school use and offers a brilliant range of colours which can be used for many creative art projects. Once dry the dye remains water-soluble.

The dye is an extremely versatile art product, which can be used to enhance your classroom displays over all curriculum areas. It can be used successfully with a range of other art products but is particularly successful over crayon and pastel making backgrounds colourful and bright.

It can be managed in the same way as paint using thick and thin brushes with one brush per jar or alternatively a brush per child that can be wiped before using a new colour. This will avoid brushes ending up in one jar and spoiling of colours.

Where dyes are being used in small areas and colours are not to be blended a small amount of each dye can be placed in a paint palette and a cotton bud used to apply the dye.  Available in single 30g pots in a bright selection of colours.

FAS | Water Soluble Powder Dye Colour Chart

FAS Water-Soluble Dye Colours

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Colour wash, drawing ink, non permanent fabric dye, resist work over liquid or wax crayons. Brilliant for creating large colour washes quickly with intense bright colour.

Can also be used to learn the process of screen printing when added to a heavy cellouse paste or gel.

Lots of classroom fun and creativity. Recommended for 3 years +.

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MAKE UP: Powder Dye: dissolve in preferably hot/warm water to speed solubility. We recommend that you mix with warm water rather than cold to achieve the maximum colour.  The 30g will make up Approx. 3 Litres of a bright powerful colour
APPLICATION: Most popular for Chalk/Crayon Resist work. Also crayon batik, water-resistant pens with dye or use dry and sprinkled dye.  See Here for more ideas.
SAFETY: Powder Dye
[ Download MSDS - Safety Data Sheet ]
CLEANING: Wash up equipment with soap and water.
CAUTION: This product is extremely concentrated in both powder and liquid form and will stain fabrics and surfaces.  Close supervision of children is advised and the use of protective smocks is recommended.
SIZE: FUN SET: 6 x 15g Jars in box with plastic tray
(Colours: Yellow, Green, Leaf, Blue, Orange & Brilliant Red)

Single Colours: in 30gms Jars


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