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FAS Total Wash Kids Paint FAS Total Wash Kids Paint FAS Total Wash Kids Paint
FAS Total Wash Kids Paint yellow FAS Total Wash Kids Paint
FAS Total Wash Kids Paint yellow FAS Total Wash Kids Paint



We painted a white school polo shirt with two brands of washable school paints and dropped it into a glass of drinking water. 
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Total Wash
Finally - A kid's paint that WILL totally wash out of all clothing!

Sick of paint stained clothes?

Until now it has been thought to be impossible for a full range of colourful school paint to completely wash out of kids' clothes and school uniforms. Parents have been complaining for years about residue staining left in favorite clothes from paints used at school.  Total Wash

But FAS Total Wash changes all that as this educational paint is guaranteed to totally wash out of clothing quickly and easily.

In the past with other brands of school paint clothing would have to be washed and rewashed, use strong stain removers, special soaps and even soak in strong bleach for days.  But the staining still remained and will not budge.

FAS Total Wash takes all the work out of washing and more importantly also the staining. Even garments paint stained weeks before can be removed.

Paint stains disappear like magic in just 15 to 45 minutes by soaking in water. Traditional machine washing with soaps suitable to the fabric also work just as effectively.

This paint is non-toxic and completely safe for children.

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FAS | Total Wash Kids Poster Paint

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Total Wash paint is designed for pre-school, entree level primary school use, eliminating paint stained clothing and school uniforms. 

Total Wash is perfect for use in school classrooms. Ideal for non-permanent posters, ticket writing, finger painting and general art and craft work. 

We recommend that a tempera paint like FAS Super Tempera with its huge range of bright colours be used for older children that require a larger range of colour colours.

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CHARACTERISTICS: Long shelf life - Bright and amazing clean colours - No shaking or stirring required.

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APPLICATION:. Can be applied straight from the bottle.  It won't separate or spoil and there's no shaking or stirring required. Use a brush, sponge or fingers as required. Dilute with water if necessary. 

[ Download MSDS - Safety Data Sheet ] PDF
•Does not contain Latex •Does not contain Dairy & Casein •Does not contain Egg •Does not contain Gluten  •Does not contain Peanut & Tree Nut •Does not contain Soy.  Some colours may temporarily stain painted surfaces if left to dry for days.
SIZE: SINGLE COLOURS: 250ml, 500ml and 2 Litre
(pump available separately for 2Ltr)
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