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UV Glow Face paint
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UV Glow Face paint
FAS Face Paint

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FAS Professional Face Paint FAS UV Glow professional Face paint FAS Professional Face Paint UV Glow
FAS Professional Body and Face Paint:
Non-toxic - Easy to Apply - Easy to Clean Up - UV Glow Colours

Create exciting characters or support your team!

FAS Professional Face Paint is designed for face and body painting giving hours of wearable use.  

Best applied with brush but can also be applied with fingers, cotton swabs or by sponge, directly from the jar. Dries to a matt finish that is flexible on the skin. Colours are mixable allowing the artist to mix any colour required. All standard colours are made with quality cosmetic pigments, non-toxic and are designed for safe use on skin.

The super bright fluorescent colours will glow under a UV Light, making them ideal for school discos and night clubs.

FAS Professional Face Paint can be diluted with water if desired to assist with brushing, detailed work and air brushing.
Best suited for Ages 3+.


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FAS Professional Body and Face Paint
FAS Professional Face Paint
 How to Face Paint
Safety First
The Basics
Using Colours
Painting Details
Using Sponges
Using Brushes
Mixing Guide
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Ideal for the professional performer to the amateur. From sports supporters to children’s parties, festivals and fairs. Recommended for age 3 years +.

UV Glow face and body paint


Face Painting Always start with a clean dry face. Clean your brush/sponge between colours or have a one for each colour. Change your brush cleaning water often.

For best results brush on in thin coatings - will last longer - with no cracking. Sponges are ideal for applying your base coat or large areas of one colour.

Colours can be mixed together to create your own choice of colour. See our mixing colour guide.   Cotton buds or swabs are a great way to apply colours and are easy to handle. Use one per colour as they do not rinse out very well.

To add additional colours over or next to another colour, allow Professional Face Paint to dry.

Try making a small stencil shapes with card or plastic to colour in. Keep brushes and sponges moist and not drippy.
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We recommend a barrier cream be used first on very sensitive skins. If your not sure, test on the inside of the wrist before you begin.

Avoid applying too close to the eyes, mouth or nose. 

CE  [
Download MSDS Safety Data Sheet ]
Does not contain Latex • Does not contain Dairy & Casein • Does not contain Egg • Does not contain Peanut & Tree Nut
Does not contain Soy


Wash off with soap and water. Face Paint washes out of clothes in luke-warm soapy water. However, some staining may occur with some fabrics. Cleaning brushes and sponges is easier while still damp.


6 x 10ml jars + 1 sponge, 1 x brush - great colour guide
All you need to start painting in a set = 6 Standard Colours

2. Fluorescent BOXED SET:
6 x 10ml jars + 1 sponge, 1 x brush - great colour guide
All you need to start painting in a set = 6 Fluorescent Colours

SINGLE COLOURS: 30ml & 120 Jars

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Water Soluble Binder, Calcium carbonate, Cosmetic Pigments, Perfume, Water-Soluble thickener & Water.
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