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FAS Craft paints
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FAS Craft paints
Craft paints
FAS Craft Paints, Inks and CrayonsFine Art Supplies Craft Paints
Other FAS Products:
Paint Book: Learn how to to best the best from paint in the classroom Teachers Resource Book:
full colour, over 30 project for teaching painting
Super Bright Tempera Poster Paint  
FAS | People Paint - Skin tone shades
FAS | Fine Art Student Acrylic  
FAS | Total Wash - Totally washes from kids clothing  
FAS Impasto Acrylic Colour  




FAS 3D Craft Paint - Bright Colours including metallic FAS Glitter Paint: FAS Powder Paint FAS Powder Dye
3D structured  Paint - Peel & Stick on Windows - Use as outliner
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FAS Glitter Paint:
Add an extra sparkle to your project
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FAS FAStex fabric textile ink Studio Printing Ink Indian Ink FAS Wax Crayons
Fastex Fabric Ink:
Paint fabric with long lasting bright colours
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Studio Printing Ink: Water soluble block printing colours.

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India Ink Black
Jet Black
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A box set of
120 x thick wax crayons
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FAS | Thick Chunky Wax Crayons
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